MOODY MONKEY is an adorable record label based in beat city Hamburg, with an obvious penchant for guitar combos featuring an organ.

In general, moody garage punk with sick harmonies. Also and under certain circumstances neo-beat (NO cover bands!), power pop punk (no Queers nor Ramones clichés), lo-fi garage weirdo stuff (NO live rehearsals...), surf with vocals, why not electronic beat with punky trashy elements (max. 32,13% synthesised sounds though), etc.

So eventually everything nice and catchy subject to make us move our bum and/or kick our brain.


If you're interested in a potential release, please first make sure that

1) you like vinyl
2) your music SOMEHOW suits to the label
3) you're playing live and selling records at your gigs
4) this is not just another project for fun you're gonna stop in three months to start another one. It is not meant to sound arrogant, just know from other labels how it sucks to get rid of 500 copies by a completely unknown or even middle-wellknown band. Please understand, thank you.

If you accomplish all these points, you are welcome to write us an e-mail and we will be glad to reply as soon as we can.

moodymonkeyrecords (AT) gmx (DOT) net